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UK businesses need a sponsor license to employ most types of workers from outside the UK, including skilled workers. We deliver the people who deliver to the people.



The Home Office will only grant a sponsor license to an organisation that can show the roles they are recruiting for, and the workers they intend to sponsor, meet the necessary requirements. The organisation must also have HR systems in place that comply with onerous sponsorship compliance duties.

An organization's sponsorship licence allows it to sponsor employees in its business. The sponsoring regime is used by the Home Office to combat unlawful work and abuse of the immigration system. When a company decides to sponsor, it takes on all of the compliance requirements, including:

Maintaining attendance records

Monitoring & reporting

Notifying the Home Office of any changes in circumstances

While applying for a sponsor license has become a mandatory prerequisite for employers recruiting non-UK resident workers from overseas, the UK immigration rules remain complex, demanding and costly for employers bringing talent to the UK.

CAREER BUDDIES can provide clients with a complete employer sponsorship license application service, with our team of UK immigration specialists highly experienced in all the documentary and evidentiary requirements vital to a prompt and stress-free process when applying for a sponsor license. We also provide guidance on best practice in managing the license and avoiding enforcement issues. 

We specialise in complex applications involving many organisations, time-sensitive applications, and resubmitting previously denied applications. The reasons for a failed application are not always obvious in the Home Office notification. We may examine the original application and determine areas that need to be addressed and how to correct them in preparation for a new or amended application based on our experience with licence applications. We can also determine whether the Home Office has made any factual errors and how to correct them. We can advise you on the optimal course of action in terms of processing timeframes, costs, and chances of success.


Eligibility to work in the UK will be established by a Home Office application demonstrating abilities and meeting points-based standards, rather than by nationality.

When providing sponsor licences and approval for UK firms to hire migrant employees in the UK, the Home Office said that it will continue to enforce existing sponsorship controls.

Employers must meet the criteria in order to apply for a skilled worker license. The business should be legitimate and of good track record, advertising legitimate openings that satisfy the required skill level and pay scale. HR practices and systems should be Home Office compliant and it's employees managing the firm will be subject to background checks.

Companies that have never had to deal with the Home Office before when recruiting EU nationals will have to negotiate the license application procedure, manage continuing compliance obligations, and ensure renewal to prevent unwanted expiry and enforcement action. It is important not to undervalue the impact on corporate recruitment and personnel planning. For more information, please contact us right away. CAREER BUDDIES is here to help!

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