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Processing paperwork isn't fun, so we'll do it for you, faster than lightening

CAREER BUDDIES INTERNATIONAL can partner with you to manage your contract workforce toward quality and volume goals. You’ll gain access to top-quality talent, training, logistics management and day-to-day oversight, allowing you to optimize your workforce productivity — and ultimately realize savings.


HR and recruitment outsourcing to CAREER BUDDIES INTERNATIONAL certain HR and recruitment tasks that would otherwise be done the company, taking away from its core focus on the business. Recruitment roles include sourcing talent, screening, interviewing, post-offer management and onboarding, while HR tasks can cover payroll processing, staff training, managing employee benefits and performance management.

The number of industries partnering with HR and recruitment outsourcing providers is growing, with sectors as diverse as Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, Engineering & Construction, Hospitality & Tourism and IT embracing its associated benefits.

With almost 70% of UK employers have difficulties filling jobs, outsourcing recruitment and HR to CAREER BUDDIES can allow your team to focus on higher value activities while significantly reducing costs.

Some of those functions include:

Recruitment consultation and strategy

Recruitment process optimization

Talent pipeline development

Screening and interviewing

Post-offer management

Onboarding and post-hire

Payroll and compensation management

Staff training and evaluation

Employee benefits and service

Recruitment and onboarding

Performance management.

Save your time. Delegate your work. Focus on your priorities.

We also specialize in creating back office teams and processes for businesses across multiple industries to help them remain agile and scale quicker. Looking for Digital Marketers? We have it too!

Get support or build your own remote team. Everything you need to support and operate your business. More than just assistants, our skilled and highly-educated Virtual Assistants are your front-line team. Equipped with the best technology combined with sincere customer care, you and your customers will notice the difference. Did we mention that you will be spending less than maintaining a full-time employee? Yes!

Your virtual assistant team can support :

Lead Generation

Chat Support

Digital Marketing

Executive Assistance

Data Entry

Customer Service

Book Keeping & Accountancy

Graphic Design 

Senior Businessman
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