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Don't Panic! We have you covered.

On a Friday. On Christmas Day. On any day.

Fill open shifts, on demand, with great people.



Why risk the Google review burn? Unfilled shifts are expensive.


Your team is stretched. Your customers want great service and remember when they don’t get it. Flexi-hire your team fast to meet customer demand and watch the great reviews roll in.

Managers spend 20 unplanned hours a month trying to cover shifts—and 25% of them still go unfilled. One unfulfilled shift can cost you £1000 in revenue. You have way more options when your team is fluid. Shifts by CAREER BUDDIES uses a ripple approach to send your open shifts out in waves to teams in nearby locations and trusted alumni. 

When your team gets behind, customer experience suffers. Shifts gives you the staff you need, when you need it, so customers only see your best. 

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