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Welcome to our online courses webpage, where learning meets convenience and flexibility! Whether you're looking to enhance your professional skills, explore new hobbies, or broaden your knowledge, we offer a wide range of engaging and high-quality online courses to cater to your learning needs.


The skilled labor talent gap is a top concern for companies across industries. CAREER BUDDIES helps businesses close this gap by presenting opportunities for workers to learn about in-demand skills while staying ahead of advancing technology. This helps you invest in the right people for the job now and well into the future. To ensure roles are filled and production goals are met, now is the time to invest in upskilling strategies that prepare today's workforce for tomorrow.

Our video e-learning provides a completely new, highly effective medium through which to deliver online training. A powerful combination of embedded presenters, live video footage and animated graphics immediately grabs learner interest and holds attention.

Face-to-face eye contact builds trust, triggers emotion and delivers a memorable tone and style, while communicating the essence of the learning content. The overall result is increased learner engagement and the creation of a lasting, positive impression.

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Teacher Recording Video
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